Surprising Pyramid Discovery

the_great_pyramid_of_giza_wallpaper_backgroundA large meteor smashed into the Great Pyramid of Giza near Cairo. When the Egyptian authorities went to check upon the damage they could not believe what they discovered; grain was flowing out of the damaged pyramid. U.S. Republican candidate Ben Carson was right after all. The pyramids are nothing but large storehouses and not only for ancient grain. Also found inside was the pharaoh Ramses long lost Bar Mitzvah album featuring a video  of Moses dancing the hora. It also shows The Rolling Stones performing at one of their first gigs before they became famous. Although the quality of the video is not up to today’s standards it clearly shows that Moses was light on his feet at a time when the exodus was weighing heavily on his mind. It also shows that Mick Jagger has not aged a bit.


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